Thursday, July 22, 2010

miss sophie.

A friend and I were talking the other day about people who seem to have a "favorite child." 
I got me thinking and wondering if anyone has ever thought that about me...

I post way more picture of Gretchen on here, I'm sure. But the other two kids don't change as much in a month as she does. They aren't learning to do new things each week. 
I do adore her and having her so much later than the other two... when I'm in my 30's... knowing she's our last... has made it different. I think I'm enjoying her more. Enjoying the little things more. Not wanting so much for her to reach new milestones. Wanting to keep her my baby for a little bit longer. 

But that doesn't mean I love her more than the other two. 

I probably struggle the most with Sophie. I don't think that's been much of a secret on here. 
We've had some attitude issues, that's for sure. And I probably get frustrated with her more often than I do the other two. 

But I do still adore this little girl... 

I love how creative she is. I love how much she uses her imagination. I love that she can sit at this (messy) table for an hour and entertain herself with two little rubber frogs that Lawson got at a birthday party. Playing, talking, creating whole stories between them. 

I love that she loves to draw and create. I love that she's gotten very interested in scrapbooking and that she was thrilled the other day when I gave her a brand new flowery notebook that she could use as a scrapbook. She grabbed some special papers and markers and didn't come out of her room for a couple hours. Just creating. 

And although she can be a bit smothering at times... I love how much she loves her baby sister.
She and Lawson can fight with the best of them, but when they aren't fighting and are playing together, it's so sweet.

Even with the occasional bad attitude... even with the sassy talking... even with the frustrating behavior...
I love to see this sweet smile and I love this little girl.


Anonymous said...

Our children shine light on those things that we need to work on. It is humbling. Much easier to think "if only they would be...."

Knowing this doesn't make parenting any easier for me, but it has transformed my "challenging" relationships.

Anonymous said...

so very cute of sophie(:
and i understand why you do gretchen cause she changes the most at this age and you took lots of the others at that age(:


Momma H said...
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Momma H said...

Sorry. Removed the last post because of a misspelled word. How is that for being *(a word I won't use)*
I can see Corey in that last picture of Sophie. She is really a cutie.
I had the most trouble with my oldest, David, because our tempements were too much alike. Now we are pretty good friends.

The Boccias said...

I have thought the same kinds of things lately...lots of Baby on the blog and not as much Big. But yeah--love them both!