Thursday, July 29, 2010

kiddie park: day 2.

They still love the pirate ship... 

But they sat at opposite ends and had the whole thing to themselves! 

My aunt and uncle have always been so, so special to me! I love that they are so special to my kids now, too! 

I refuse to go on this ride with them. The turtles made me nauseous. I can't imagine what this would be like. 

Sophie loves it! 

They wanted to end the night here. They had already been on it two times in a row (and we lied and told them you couldn't go on it three times in a row. How were they even able to walk straight after doing this twice?!) We had time for two more rides, so Lawson chose the bumper cars and Sophie did the turtles. They both wanted to do this one more time, but since "Sophie makes it spin too fast" they each got one of their own... 

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