Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of july.

I wanted something fun for us to wear to our 4th of July party.
I found a cute plaid dress for Gretchie and then one that almost matched for me! 
I decided to get crafty for Sophie and Lawson... 

Bought Sophie a $3 navy tank top at Wal-Mart and grabbed a gray t-shirt out of Lawson's dresser... cut up a sparkly star shirt Sophie loved and didn't want to get rid of (even though it was too small) and added some red flannel (from a pair of Daddy's old boxers) I thought they turned out pretty cute and the kids loved them! 

But our 4th of July swim party/BBQ got rained out. Bummer.
We did get to watch an awesome neighborhood fireworks show (that Gretchie slept through!) and we got to watch the guy shooting them propose to his girlfriend in the middle of it. That was fun. All their friends were there and his dad videotaped it!

But since we didn't go to our friends until 9 pm, I didn't bother to change Gretchie.
And since my dress looked cuter on Megan... I think I'll be returning our cute plaid dresses.

At least Sophie and Lawson looked cute!