Friday, May 21, 2010


Last day of school is tomorrow. 
I'm so ready. 
I have had an amazing class this year. 
Delightful kids. Every single one of them. 
I have fun with them. I'm so proud of how far they've come academically. I enjoying being with them. (most days) 
Seriously love these kids. 
But I'm ready for summer.  :) 

They're making me move classrooms for next year. 
I'm pretty bummed about that. 
The room I'm moving to is quite a bit smaller and I wouldn't be surprised if our class size goes up. Not a great combination. 
I've been at this school for 11 years and I've spent 10 of them in this room. 
I really like this room. This room has a lot of stuff in it. 
Stuff that now needs to be moved across the building. 

So I took advantage of my happy little helpers today (and indoor recess) and started getting ready. 
Lots of stuff down off the walls... shelves cleared off... cabinets emptied. 

I even grabbed some 3rd grade boys (our book buddies) from the classroom I'm moving in to and had them start carrying armfuls of stuff. Cheap labor. (but they were so excited to be helping!) 

Planning to move lots more tomorrow.
We have Field Day in the morning... book buddies... pizza party... assembly.
Hoping I can get lots of stuff moved before 3:00.
Gotta take advantage of the cheap help while I can!


Brittany said...

I love how big your classroom is...I know you hate to move! :) I was in the same classroom for 6 years and when I decided to stay home with the boys, I almost cried packing up. It becomes your home away from home, you know?

I hope you have all of your "book buddies" help you pack today. Yeah for the last day of school.

Around here, students and teachers have to go on SATURDAY to make up for so many snow days!!!

Kara Janzen said...

Your pictures make me miss Slate Creek! Which room are you moving into? It sounds like things will look a lot different next year, especially with 5th grade not there anymore! I miss you all...maybe I'll be able to stop in sometime in the fall when I'm in KS. Hope you have a great summer!

Aaron and Shannon said...

Which classroom are you moving to? Still teaching 1st grade though, right?? I know it stinks! I went up yesterday and packed everything. So I won't have to worry about it much on Monday. Good luck!