Monday, May 31, 2010

family reunion.

So much fun this weekend! I have some really fun relatives! 

Answering "Family Trivia" questions. 

My favorite was the question about who nailed their fingers together with a nail gun (or something like that). Lawson raised his hand all excited to answer... Jesus!! (love that little guy) 


With really cool prizes! 

Scavenger Hunt!!

I have so many fun memories from this campground! I went to church camp here for 10 years and was a counselor for 5 years. Such fun times!! 

Wiffle ball!

Some of us just watched and cheered! 

Heading up with Grandpa to check the campfire. 

We ended the evening with smores!
Day 2 was just as fun...


Brittany said...

Wow! What a fun family reunion! We are having a BIG one this summer, I might steal some of these great ideas!! ;)

Aaron and Shannon said...

Where were you? It looked like a great place to go!

amy d said...

all of that reminded me of craigs family reunions...packed to the gills with activities! looks like ya'll had fun!

Christina said...

Fun family and really adorable kiddoes!!