Tuesday, May 25, 2010

first day.

First day of summer. 
Kids were done on Friday, but teachers had to go yesterday. 
So today is our first official day. 
No alarm. No rushing to get around. No dressing "professionally". 
Love it. 

Not really loving how my house looks right now, though. 
Seriously a mess. 

Kitchen: (I was making baby food. Because that's on my list. Pick up the messy house isn't on my list. And I'm all about crossing things off my list.) 

Sophie was jumping in the air, surprising Gretchen and making her laugh. They were both loving it. 

And then she flung her arms a little too wide... (but look how pretty that bright green is on my blue floor!) 

And more good news... the big, smelly dog apparently likes peas, so she cleaned it up for me! (fyi... "make appt. for Marley at the groomers" has already been crossed off my list. At this time tomorrow, we will have a cleaner, less hairy, less smelly dog. Yay!) 

Breakfast nook:  (things brought home from school... me and the kids) 

Toy room: (more stuff from school, swim diapers, Wal-Mart stuff that needs put away, boots) 

Dining room: (blocks, swords, toys, recipe book, Corey's cattle paperwork)  

Living room:  (tap shoes, deflated basketball, hat, Hungry Hippos game, calendar, laptop, swim goggles, cute baby, baby toys) 

See? Messy, messy. 

But look at this colorful baby food. Seriously loving this green! (and I got to cross it off my list!) 

But I'm thinking I need to write "pick up house" on my list. 
Or better yet... write each individual room separately. Then I can cross lots of things off! 


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Ha! That's about how my house looks right now too.

And it's on the market so if my realtor calls and says he's bringing people over in an hour, I'm screwed. Ack!

By the way, Drew has a backpack from kindergarten (or 1st grade?) that is still hanging with all the stuff in it from the last day of school. I never cleaned it out.

Feel better now?

Kara Janzen said...

Ha! Amy, as soon as I saw that green in your first picture I knew you were making peas! I remember that green so vividly and also loved that color! It's so bright and cheery. :) Hope you have a GREAT summer!

Brittany said...

Yes, I am all about crossing things off my list too! I love that you are so open about your messes - me too!!! ha!

amy d said...

my house is a total DISASTER too!!!!!
...and there is a funky smell coming from the sink, and i don't care!!! :)
...is that wrong?

Unknown said...

You're so smart with the baby food thing I should have done that :)

As for my header, I found a site on the internet and downloaded the kit and then I added extras and details using photoshop. Love that program :) I had every intention of making my own background too, but I got frustrated working with html and just downloaded one that matched from cutest blog on the block. If I find the site again I'll pass it on. Good Luck!

Butterball said...

You put donettes in your baby food? I'll have to remember that for round 2... Great post, Ame! I feel slightly better about the implosion of stuff in my house.