Saturday, May 22, 2010


Seriously love this kid. 
He cracks me up all the time. 
We had been working on stories during our writing time for the past couple months. 
This was his final copy (but he had several other versions/sequels). 

"The Monkey and the Crocodile." 

Once upon a time there was a monkey and a crocodile. The monkey and the crocodile were enemies because crocodiles eat monkeys.

One Tuesday morning at twelve o'clock the monkey had a plan. First he was fishing at twelve thirty. The kind of fish he got was the most brightest fish of the world because it shines like the sun. Then he tied a string to the fish's belly button. When the crocodile woke up he saw a fish. The fish went here and there. The crocodile chased the fish. The crocodile bumped his head on a tree.

On the next Tuesday the monkey had another trick in mind. The very first thing the monkey did was go to the store. The monkey bought a monkey cardboard and a crocodile cardboard because the plan included cardboard. Second he stuck the cardboard together. Then the crocodile got out of the water and he didn't see the cardboard. He tripped on a rock and fell on the cardboard. The crocodile went back to the water and said, "I wish I could crush and smash that monkey!"

Then it was midnight and the crocodile dreamed he was smashing and crushing the monkey. Suddenly the crocodile woke up and was sleepwalking out of the water into the tree of the monkey... And guess what the crocodile did? He crushed and smashed the monkey.

The next morning when the monkey was shaving the monkey looked at the mirror and yelled "Help! Help!" because he saw that his body was all smashed and crushed up. The monkey went to the hospital. First the monkey goes to the room and said, "I don't know what happened." The doctor said, "I don't know what happened either for the very first time" and the doctor screamed and ran away from the hospital. The monkey said, "This is a mystery." The monkey went to the crocodile and talked about the mystery. The crocodile said, "I was the one who crushed and smashed you." And the monkey called the police and the crocodile got arrested.

The end.

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