Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Sophie is playing T-Ball this summer.
We had our first practice tonight.
Corey signed us up to coach.

I don't think he knew quite what he was getting himself into...
This is easy enough...

It's the other 13 little people that he wasn't quite sure what to do with.

So thankful for the other willing parents that jumped in to help.
I told one dad, "I hope you'll be here every week."
We really have no idea what we are doing.

He's quickly learning about the attention span of 5 and 6 year olds.

And look at this sad little man.
"Nobody's playing with me."

My favorite quote from the drive home...
We were talking about all the parents that stepped in to help:
"They're gonna have to. There's no way one person could handle 13 kids alone."

Hmmm... try 20 kids. All alone. For 6 hours.
"Oh, yeah."


meg duerksen said...

humbling isn't it corey?
i don't know how teachers do it.
i'd lose my mind amy!!

Holly said...

I can not wait for those days!!! I grew up on baseball/softball fields!