Saturday, May 31, 2008

lawson says...

Funny stuff this little man says lately that I don't want to forget:

* "Sopie" (no f sound)

* "Actually..."

* "Hol me, hol me, hol me" (he still loves to be held and rocked)

* "Are der cats up der?" (he won't go upstairs by himself without asking this... often times he needs lots of convincing that if there is a cat up there, they are not going to get him. fyi... no cat has ever gotten him, he's just a little paranoid)

* "I like you." (always accompanied by a hug or kiss)

* "Tanks, Mommy! Your da best!"

* "Only if der's thunder can I get up?" (this has been our bedtime agreement lately... you can only get out of bed if there is thunder... he has been stalling like crazy at bedtime lately!)

* "It's my favwit!"

* "Oh... (little chuckle), I forgot."
* "Di-gus-ting!"

* The "Shake it, baby" song. (I wish I had my old camera with the video function right now. This song is too funny. Or maybe just him singing the song is funny!)

So many more... he always keeps us laughing! :)

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Anonymous said...

It's funny to see all of my daycare kids sing and dance to the "Shake it, baby" song. Oh the fun we have! :)