Sunday, May 18, 2008


Our newspaper has a little weekly insert with all the houses for sale in the area. I always like to look through them and read the little write-ups on ones I like.

This week there was a cute bungalow on Magnolia... it's gotta be a nice street name for me to be interested. (I know you understand that, Mom!)

So what does the relator put for his little write-up...

"This charming home will get you in the mood! Come w/ 2 kids and add 2 more! It's a solid home w/ all the wood brought back to a natural finish... etc. etc."

Okay... seriously?
This home will get you in the mood?
Is he really saying what I think he's saying?

That's just weird.


Anonymous said...

i totally saw that same ad and had the same thought you did :)

Anonymous said...

i saw that house and thought it was the one across the street from you!! i was hoping anyway...

i can't believe i totally missed the implication! no like me. ;-)