Saturday, May 10, 2008

grandpa's clinic.

I got a little Mother's Day "time to myself" this morning when Mom and Dad took the kids to Dad's vet clinic to feed the cows.

They also got to play with squirmy greyhound puppies.

We weren't too far off on our picture for Grandpa last year... don't these look quite a bit like baby labs?

But this was the real excitement...

Grandpa's jeep... stuck in the mud.
They were both very excited to tell me all about it when they got home.

And they both loved Grandpa's tree.


Kara Janzen said...

Hi Amy!

This is the first time I've checked your blog. I can't believe how big Lawson is! Oh my!! I've enjoyed reading your comments on our blog. Thanks for reading!! It's such a great way to keep in touch with everyone! I hope you survive the last few days of school. I think of you all often and miss you lots!!


Courtney said...

Great ideas on the thankful triggers---I hope they work. It's amazing since my eyes have been opened to this idea; how powerful it is. Mine is a train near our house too!;)Thanks for sharing.=)

Anonymous said...

i need to visit grandpa's clinic with my rabid dog. :-)

Happy Mother's Day to my favorite Magazine Mom.