Thursday, May 29, 2008


The kids are going to Jessi's two days a week this summer.
I planned on going to Target today.
But... since Corey is letting me go scrapbook for 14 hours tomorrow, I thought I would stay home and get a little cleaning done.
Target will still be there next week. ;)

My little bit of cleaning turned into this:
* cleaning the bathrooms
* vacuuming the entire house
* mopping the hardwood floors
* washing all the living room curtains
* ironing all the living room curtains
* taking down 3 sets of mini-blinds (hammers and screwdrivers were involved)
* washing the toy room rug
* hooking up the dvd player (we got a new tv and dvr a month ago and hadn't ever hooked it up... no Wiggies for Lawson. Sad boy. Thankful for Max and Ruby that we can dvr!)
* buy a wedding gift
* schedule 2 doctors appts. (one that involved a conversation with the insurance company first, the other involved a 10 minute conversation with the nurse)
* back to pick up the kids by 4:00, planned supper and helped coach a t-ball scrimmage tonight.

Whew! Love that feeling of being productive! So many things crossed off my long To-Do-List today!
Hoping I can be that productive scrapbooking tomorrow. I haven't done any pages since our spring break trip to the b&b.

Just look at these sparkly clean windows!


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!! You've been busy and productive!! Now you have motivated me to start a to-do list. :) I've got one more thing for you to add to your list...

*Go to my blog ASAP and see "Throwback Thursday" baby pics of my redhead. You'll get to see him pre-freckles. :) You were the first person I thought of when posting Adam. :)


Anonymous said...

I made a to-do list too and worked into the wee hours of the morning. I, too, LOVE that feeling of getting something done. I made progress and cleaned places that probably haven't been touched since school was out last summer. Yea for you! ;)