Wednesday, May 28, 2008

potty training: day 3

Potty training is going incredibly well here at our house!
We only had a couple cases of damp underwear yesterday before we made it to the potty.
None so far today.
And he's telling me when he has to go, even!

Look at this tiny hiney running around in his big boy underwear.

Getting some lunch time love from Daddy.

A little while ago when I was vacuuming this little carrot came running to find me and tell me that he had gone potty by himself. And he had! Such a big boy!

(sidenote: these are new jammies and he didn't like the monster on them... after we've torn the tags off, of course. We convinced him they were not scary... it's not a monster, it's a stink bug! Now he loves them!)


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Doug and Sarah said...

Okay Amy, share your secrets for potty training a 3 year old boy. As you know this is the big adventure for the summer at our house as well. I'm hoping to start next week when I'm home all day every day. What do I need to know? I want full details! :)

Amy said...

Sarah... come with me to the wedding on Saturday and I'll tell you all my secrets! :)