Monday, September 3, 2007


Lawson's still not crazy about these loud sirens and horns. He turned around buried his face in my shoulder when the motorcycles came by. "Dey scare me." :)

Gotta love the small town stuff.

Checking out the candy.

Not just candy... a frisbee and Mardi Gras beads.

During the parade, one of the Shriners crashed his little motorcycle and ending up hurting his leg. We weren't sure if he broke it or just hurt it. The parade stopped for awhile, all the Shriner cars tried to get out of the way and the EMS vehicles that had been at the beginning of the parade had to come back around to help him. I've always been amazed at how these little old men zip around on those motorcyles, weaving in and out without crashing into each other. I guess they do crash...


Anonymous said...

I really shoudn't be laughing about the shriner should I?

Amy said...

I'm laughing that you're laughing! :) I couldn't see him, but some of those men are huge! I don't know how they even keep those little things balanced. We'll say he was one of those. That makes it okay to laugh, right?!