Thursday, September 6, 2007


How cute is this... the stairway down to pre-school.

Such a fun place. Sophie's favorite spots are the loft and the block area underneath the loft.

See the little blonde off to the right? Click on the pictures to make them big, then tell me that Josie and Sophie couldn't pass for sisters. One of the "grandmas" even thought they were sisters on our "Sneak-a-Peek" night. Her mom and I are expecting quite a few Sophie/Josie mix ups this year. From the back, even I would make the mistake!

The wall in the hallway outside. Our family picture will be inside the pink fish on the left!

We even got a rather cute little picture last weekend that we could send with her! Thankful for digital and the option of taking 15 pictures to try and get 1 good one. :) (Thanks, Mom!)


Anonymous said...

Nice pic of the family! The preschool looks very fun too:)

kristin said...

oh, i know that place well...she will love it!