Tuesday, September 18, 2007

all boy.

A more responsible mother would have explained why this was not a safe thing to be doing... instead of getting her camera and taking pictures. Oh well...

Because apparently one chair on top of the upside down table wasn't enough.
It could be worse... at least the table is upside down.
This was him holding his arms out, making himself wobble around and saying "Whoa... whoa!"
And now we try and balance on just one table leg.
He never did fall off. And the skinned up knees? Those are from our walk around the block last night.

I'm really supposed to resist this ornery little face?


kristin said...

awesome. love it.

Anonymous said...

your children are just PRECIOUS however since I have a curly red headed sweetie myself I have a soft spot for those. Lawson just looks like a total, complete DOLL!! As far as the safety factor.... its plastic with rounded edges so if he did fall he might go "ouch" but he wouldnt cut or gash anything.
Love your blog!!! By the way...How is school going? Are you still exhausted? I also teach younger kids and Im FINALLY finding my pace and not exhausted at the end of the day...YEAH