Saturday, May 19, 2012


Just some randomness from the last couple weeks. I am really behind on blogging pictures and am feeling overwhelmed by a few different things in life right now. So randomness is all you get. 

I kept kicking my children outside last weekend. My big kids, anyway. They spent a couple hours playing Legos on the front porch.

When I get overwhelmed and stressed, I either get really productive, or crazy un-productive. Right now I'm in un-productive mode. That's not really good. I really just want to ignore all this mess around me and enjoy my couch and DVR. 

I'm trying to change that feeling by getting a few things crossed off my list. I love that feeling. I hadn't even made a list for almost 2 weeks. You know I must be feeling out of sorts.

Meet Phil. This little guy was a wedding gift. He was bushy little hedgehog for you to wipe your shoes on. He sat outside the door in our little apartment in Emporia. He hasn't had any bristles on him for a few years now, but we keep him around anyway because of happy memories. Maybe I should spray paint him or something...

I'm getting really bummed reading all my friend's "last day of school" posts on blogs and Facebook. We have a week left. But the kids have been checked out for a couple weeks now. I think it's because spring started so early this year. And we never really had a winter.  4 days with kids and a teacher workday. Surely I can make it through that, right?

We had to move Lawson's laundry basket away from Gretchen's crib. Someone's sneaky little raccoon hands kept stealing dirty clothes at night. We would put her to bed in cute jammies and she would wake up in dirty t-shirts and boxer shorts. Good thing she's cute.

I probably have 8 loads of laundry to get caught up on. Started out all ambitious and threw in a load as soon as I got up this morning. It's halfway done and still sitting in a washer full of soapy water. There's a switch that hasn't been catching on the washer lid and I can.not. get it to catch today. It's really slowing down my laundry progress.

These kids love to paint. Pretty sure they would paint every day if I would let them. Paintboards (aka: canvases) are their favorite. I bought a pack for a project a couple months ago and finally gave in and let them use them instead. Too many projects on my list. And nothing getting crossed off my list.

I'm almost through October 2011 in my blog book. But I skipped over June and July. I'm going to have to do 2 books again to get it all to fit. And I really liked my School Year/Summer books from last year. That's just kind of how our lives work right now. Once school is out I really want to get back in the groove and get these books DONE!

Our happy new artwork in the toyroom/breakfast nook/mudroom. The random stripes were done by Lawson in 2009 and the flowers by Sophie at the same time. They make me smile.

My newest Plane Jane necklace. The happy little daisy. My mom actually bought it for herself, but decided to give it to me for my birthday after I said how much I loved it. So now I think of her every time I wear it. And Gretchen tells me "Nama gave you dat pretty flower" every time I wear it, too.

I love these little blonde pigtails. She'll ask for piggies in her hair now. She also asks if she can give Marley bones. She loves to do that. And she's started doing these deep shoulder shrugs and big sighs if we tell her she has to do something she doesn't really want to do.

I love our driveway. That sounds really silly, but I do. It's so perfect for bikes and strollers and now roller skates. (There are some great roller skating pictures coming soon...)

I do. An awful lot.

She loves washing her hands. Multiple times a day. She also loves dressing herself.

Okay. Random blog post can now be crossed off my list.
I should have put "feed kids" on my list, too. Darn hungry kids thinking they need lunch.
Although I just realized that I never ate breakfast today. So I should probably feed myself something, too.
Wishing again that I was one of those people that loses weight when they are stressed/overwhelmed.
I would be getting skinnier by the minute!
Also wishing God had email. Or a cell phone. Or some clear way of communicating.
I like clear communication.


Melissa Jensen said...

I just get you! You could probably just look at me and I would get how you feel and think, I find myself thinking and being so much like you. HUGS to a GREAT end of the school year and a productive summer. Now I feel horrible for "bragging" about my blog book progress. You can do it!!

Ben said...

I love this post - thanks for being so transparent. Remember that you can approach the throne of GRACE with confidence so that you can receive MERCY and find GRACE in your time of need (Heb 4:16). Take one step at a time. :)

Holly said...

I hera ya! I feel like my blog is all over the place lately!

Danielle said...

Great post! Love Lawson sitting in a box - reminds me of Eli. I love you sweet friend and I feel your overwhelming emotions. Prayers and hugs to you!!