Thursday, May 31, 2012

i choose us.

{Finally... all the details for those that have been waiting.}

I am a small town city girl. I grew up in town. I loved living in town. I've always pictured myself living in town.
Corey is a farm boy. He grew up on the farm. He loved living on the farm. He always pictured himself living on a farm.
We knew that this would be an issue when we got married. We actually included it in our wedding vows, "Whether it's on the farm or in the city, I will make the most of our life together."
We came to our little town here right after college. I have loved this little town.
I love our house. I love our neighborhood. I love my job. I love my friends. I love our daycare. So many, many things. I could have lived in this little town forever.

"The Family Man" with Nicolas Cage is one of my all-time favorite movies. I love it. This is my favorite clip from the whole movie. You can probably figure out why...

A few years ago, I started praying that God would change one of our hearts.
And He did. He changed mine.
Not in the way that I thought he would... but He changed things.

We've talked for a couple years now about "Someday."
Someday we would move back to the farm. Someday we would build a house at the farm. Someday...

So this spring, I started asking around, made a new resume, and applied to my old hometown school district. Our two hometowns are about 14 miles apart, and the farm is right in the middle of them. My plan was to apply to both and see what happened. There weren't really any openings and both districts can be hard to get in to. There just isn't a lot of turnover. Kind of one of those "you take whatever grade level you can get and hope to change in a few years" situations. But my heart was set on 1st grade.

Long story short... two openings came up. Both districts. Both of them 1st grade. I found out about both of them at the exact same time. Literally. I had applied to one district, but not the other. (The district I hadn't applied to yet had hard questions like "How do you feel teachers are viewed in society today?" and "If you couldn't teach, what would you do?" Questions that required a lot of thought and since it was the last two weeks of school, my brain was pretty occupied with that. So that application was on my list, but it hadn't happened yet. But that was the district that was moving on things first.

It was 8 days total. 8 days from the time I found out about the opening until they offered me the job. There were several phone calls with the principal... a 5:00 interview after school one day... lots of praying... lots and lots of talking/texting/phone calls with a variety of people... more praying.

I am a planner. I always have been. I remember being so stressed at the end of college. Just the unknown... where would we be living in a month? It drove me crazy not knowing and not being able to plan. So you would imagine that last week would have been crazy stressful for me, right? But here's the thing... it wasn't.

Never have I been so sure of a decision. So sure that this was God's plan for us. It's an amazing feeling.

Before my interview, as I was driving into town, I told God that I was trusting Him. Whatever His plan was, whatever His will was... just make it clear to me. I asked for clarity... for a sense of peace and for doors to be opened and other doors to be closed. I asked, and He delivered.

So this fall, I am going to be teaching at a little country school in the district Corey grew up in. There is only one of each grade level and I got my wish... 1st grade. Sophie and Lawson will be there with me. Sophie will make student #10 in her class. Lawson is #16. (Somehow I still ended up with 20. But that's okay. I can do 20.)

It's going to be a different world, that's for sure. But I'm ready. A year ago, I would not have been ready. A year ago, just the thought of moving made me teary. But this year...  I have felt nothing but calm and peace and assurance about the whole situation. And if you've known me for long, you know that this is not a situation when I would normally be feeling any of those things. The only time I've gotten teary this year is when other people have cried. (And there have been a few...) I can't be around crying people without getting teary myself. The tears will come, though, I know. There are a handful of people that I simply do.not. want to say good-bye to.

My relaxing summer has flown out the window and my summer list now consist of 4 main things:
1) selling our house
2) finding a house (we will build eventually at the farm, but will rent something in town for awhile)
3) finding a new job for Corey
4) finding new daycare for Gretchen

Just a few minor things. =)
Any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated. There is so much to be done in the next two months. We are TRUSTING HIM that this is all going to work out and everything will happen just like it's supposed to.

A year ago, I was teary at the thought of moving.
A year ago, it stressed me out to think about it too much.
A year ago, I was only in it for the new farmhouse.
A year ago, I thought "someday" was a few years away.

But now that "someday" is here...
I'm not teary.
I'm not stressed out.
I'm still kind of in it for a new farmhouse (just being honest).
But I'm mainly in it for my farm loving husband.
I love this town. I love our house. I love our neighborhood. I love my job. I love my friends. I love our daycare.
But I love him more.

And I choose us. 


Spinning.... said...

Amy! You sound exactly like me 5 years ago. Put me in as you and Ryan is as Corey. I still feel heartsick when we visit Overland Park, but I have never had one single minute of wondering if we did the right thing. There will be lots of tears. But don't mistake those tears for regret. Emotion in change is good - it reminds you that you're alive and that this life is real and God is big. Yay for you and your decision!!!!
- Tonya

Anonymous said...

Perhaps one of your best posts yet. Best wishes in being able to cross things off your list. You are a fabulous educator, and ANY school district would be lucky to have you!

rentz said...

Well, darn it! I can't really argue with that. I still hate that you're moving, but I also know its definitely God's plan for you. So I will help in any way I can. Love you, friend.

Joke said...

Absolutely loved this post. I will definitely be praying for you. I find myself in a similar situation as I'm about to get married. I grew up in Belgium, a teeny tiny great country. I love life here. My fiancé was born in South Africa, lived there till he was 20, then moved to London (UK) for 8 years and now lives in Belgium. He either wants to move to the States or back to South Africa. I don't want to live in either countries. I love living here. Life is good here. But just like you I pray to God and ask Him to work things out for us. And I trust Him. And just like you I would live anywhere for my fiancé. Great post! Best of luck to you and your family!

Amanda said...

oh my goodness Amy, what a perfect perfect post. I'm so happy for you guys and will be praying for you. It is just so neat to see how God is working every little detail out and taking you on the path He has for you. One that you knew you'd probably take one day - but isn't it so great to do it in His timing and His ways!??! And I agree with everyone else - Newton will have a little empty spot left from your family! You will be missed!

Melissa Jensen said...

Amy, I was a total city girl. I am sure many laughed when Kreg and I got married:) But We have only lived in the city once for about 1.5 years in our 7 year marriage and I can honestly say, I LOVE the country more!! I chose Kreg over things like where I thought I had to live b/c I knew God brought us together. It was a neat and fun adventure taking his hand when we first got married and running off into the country. It brought me closer to him right away. I trusted him and I know he would always provide for me, our family. One day we hope to build or gut our own farm house too. I hope it is here in Iowa, we love it here. I will be praying for you and your family! So many changes, but you are so right, our God is so so good! Just sing that chorus, "God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, HE is so GOOD to ME!!" Hugs to you sweet friend!!

Toni :O) said...

Beautiful, beautiful and I'm so excited and happy for you. What a great time and think of all the excitement surrounding a new home. Just ask Meg..I'm sure she can give you some pointers! God bless you all and I have you in my prayers for a smooth transition in this new adventure! Most of all...HAVE FUN! Woot Woot!

Megan said...

What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing!

Danielle said...

What a great post! Ok, I'm done feeling sorry for myself and our little world. I hope you know I've been cheering you on all the way and believing God's best for you and your precious family. It's a new adventure and we'll make new memories (I know that's what your mom would say!).

The Sieberts said...

what a GREAT attitude! Collin wants to live in the country someday, but he hasn't (or should i say God hasn't) broke me yet. Good luck! oh-and i love you house, maybe we should buy it ;o)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

This makes me cry.
I see road trips in our future.

Allen and Debby Graber said...

I followed Allen to Newton - I thought we were going to Australia. But God had His reasons that this door opened. And I am so glad for Bloggy-land where we can keep in touch!! It will be fun to read your posts about the move and all!

Kara Janzen said...

Thanks so much for sharing the details, Amy! I'm amazed how similar your story sounds to mine. I always knew "someday" we would move to NE, I just never ever thought it would happen when it did and leaving Newton to come here was by far the hardest thing I have ever done but I also knew that it was God's plan. It's amazing to see how He works everything out! Now four years later, I feel completely at home here. I do still miss Newton and so many things about it and I get a little lonesome for it from time to time when we go back to visit, but it's amazing to see how God is creating a life for us here. I'm excited for you and your family. So thankful you found a job that you really wanted! Praying that all will go as smoothly as it can for all of you!

Ben said...

Thanks for sharing such a great story. You are demonstrating great faith to your kiddos and I wish you the best of everything! How fun to be in such a small school! I would love the family feel of a smaller building. Praying for all things to continue to work out!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Quite a story! From what I know of you from reading your blog...I can tell that we deal with life, our families, and teaching alot alike, so I am thrilled that God has provided peace for you. That is awesome how He can work things out in His perfect time! He'll work out all those others details, too. Hang in there!
Mrs. B.

Jenny said...

What a brave decision! You have such a great attitude too! Good luck!

tami said...

i remember way back when we were in crown together... i remember how corey would talk about the farm and how you both talked of someday ;-) what an incredible blessing it is to see corey's dream come true and to see you having that dream, too. god is so good at matching the hearts of a couple to one another! it sure seems that his work in doing that makes our faith stronger!
so proud of you and so happy for your sweet family!

Frau said...

Love it! Love your family!

Holly said...

been a little out of commission lately so I'm just reading this and WOW!!!!

THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!
So proud of you sister...
so so proud.

Waiting on pins and needles to see what God will do...
it's big.
real big.

Courtney said...

SO exciting! especially because HE is such a big part of it! can't wait to "watch"!!

flower power momma said...

this gives me joy. Joy for your obedient spirit willing , loving heart, and excited attitude. Moving is hard work, but such an adventure. Plus your stuff seems almost new in different surroundings!!! Tee hee.

Christina said...

This is a beautiful post! I was catching up on your blog, and finally got to this! As I read about your classroom, I thought,"Wow. That must have been hard." I'm so, so glad you have such a sense of peace. :)