Thursday, May 3, 2012


I took this crew to the zoo yesterday. Whew. 
Always so much fun, but so incredibly exhausting. 

Kid-free is still my favorite way to visit the zoo.  (That makes me sound like a horrible teacher, doesn't it? Just try it, teachers. I promise you'll agree with me.) I had a parent that had to cancel at the last minute this year. So this was my group for the day... 

Trying to distract from the mating bears. Always a good time. 

Just because it made me think of Lawson... =)

And this made me think of you, Meagan! (How much would you HATE to be that goose??)  =) Me too, actually. Creepy fish.

My girls were super sweet and lots of fun. One is scared of birds, though, so she kept shrieking anytime a bird would come close to us. And her friends were kind enough to point out every single feathered creature that came within 10 feet of us. Thank you, helpful friends. (I did force convince her to go through the rainforest where all the birds are just loose and walking/flying around. She survived.)

This was her reward for making it through the rainforest... getting to pose by herself with a statue. (That, and I let her take me through the snake house.)

Who knew you could pose like a supermodel with a giant Komodo Dragon??

I love the look on one of my girl's face in this one... looking at the little guy in the middle and wondering why he is joining our little group picture. I was kind of wondering why his teacher was letting him join our little group picture.

Corey got to spend the day with this crew... (He got off pretty easy.)

We ate lunch together and then visited the chimpanzees together. Then he and the boys left us because my girls were too wound up. Nice, huh?

Fuzzy picture... but can you see the baby orangutan?? Oh. my. cuteness. Adorable.

If that baby wasn't enough, there was also a baby chimp. He would climb to the top of his little rope net...

and then throw himself over in a flip, landing like circus people do in their big nets...

So funny to watch. He was seriously the cutest. I could have scooped him up and just carried him around on my hip like Gretchen.

How could my monkey-hating husband not find this adorable?? 

It was fun. Humid and windy, but still fun. My hair just might have looked like a giant ball of fuzz when we got back. And my husband just might have fallen asleep once or twice during our 1:00 zoo program. Just maybe. And he might understand a bit more why I often feel like this when I come home from school...


Amanda said...

hey, we were at the zoo with Berean yesterday too. I did NOT see those cute babies - how did I miss them!? And the Tigers were no where to be seen. And instead of the bears, all of our kids got to see the gorillas mating (although they were both males). It was quite the day. And tomorrow I get to be out in the wind and heat for field day ALL day - good times!

flower power momma said...

you are so good. as i began reading this i thought," here she is leading, keeping track of all these kids all day, and then goes home for more of the same." bless your teacher/momma heart and body.
bet you slept well!
and those baby animals! thanks for taking their pic and sharing their antics. makes me think i'm long over due to a zoo trip.

Beckysblog said...

Baby monkeys are my favorite thing EVER! :)

Danielle said...

Love that cute little baby chimp!

Frau said...

Ahhhh...zoo day! You're right about those fish, seriously creepy!

Jenny said...

Those babies are too cute! Looks like you had fun, but I'm sure you were exhausted! :0)