Wednesday, May 16, 2012

sweet gifts.

{Just because it was sweet and I always want to remember}
Lawson made this little book for me after school last week... 

Yellow is for how much the sun loves you. 

Brown is for how much dad loves you. 

Red is for how much I love you. 

Green is for how much God loves you. 
(He told me that he didn't know how to draw God, because he's not sure what He looks like.)  =) 

These were the happy little gifts our 1st graders took home to their moms. Just tiny little pots from Dollar Tree (3/$1) and grass seed. A fun little lesson about plants and a colorful happy little gift.

And my goodness... what momma wouldn't love this card? 
You are the thoughtfullest person ever!
p.s. If I like you will you like me? 

I'm pretty sure she already does like you, kid. =)


Melissa Jensen said...

So sweet!! Your kiddos are so fun to watch grow. I did not comment on your mom day blog, but you all are so seriously adorable together! You are such a real, honest, cool, admirable mom that I admire:)
Have a fun summer all 104 days!! I know I will enjoy reading all about it on your blog!

Jenny said...

What sweet gifts!!

Muhammad Atif said...
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