Sunday, August 2, 2009


We went to visit Grandpa at work the other day and watch him do surgery.

The kids have spent the last few days performing their own surgeries in their rooms...

Lawson consults a chapter book (Junie B. Jones) occasionally during his surgeries.

His surgical tools...

Lawson's post-surgery care leaves a little bit to be desired, though.
He carries them (usually upside down) with a blanket to their cage (his closet) and just tosses them in. (I'm pretty sure Grandpa was a little more gentle with the greyhound!)

Sophie made sure to put casts on all her animals after surgery.

Her post-surgery routine is a little nicer.

My favorite part of our visit to the clinic was when the kids came running back from the kennel to tell me about this little dog... "He doesn't have any legs! Just feet!"


Anonymous said...

You have the sweetest kids. I wish we lived closer. Your blog always makes me smile. I know you are going back to school soon. Good luck getting back into the swing of things.

Take care,

amy d said...

that is just the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!! the little gloves and "consulting" the book. too funny!!