Sunday, August 9, 2009

space mud.

Lawson and I made this together for our last Mommy/Lawson day.
We used to play with this all the time at the daycare I worked at during college.
I made it my first year teaching... not sure I've made it since then.
But this was perfect timing since Wal-Mart has their glue on sale right now!

It's pretty much a solid, but you can pull and stretch it like taffy and it spreads like a goo as it gets warm and sits for awhile.
If we just left this alone, it would end up looking like a puddle of spilled paint.

It's perfect for cutting with scissors...

and makes fun bouncy balls (which Lawson kept asking me to make and then he would squish them right away!)

Cookie cutters work best if you fill the cookie cutter, leave it for a bit to "fill in" to the edges...

then flip it over.

You can also do cool stuff like this...

which starts to "melt" onto your hand...

and ends up looking like this! (and then just peels right off... it's very "rubbery.")

Space Mud

In one bowl, mix:
2 c glue (I used almost 4 of the little bottles of Elmer's)
1 1/2 c room temperature water
Stir together and add food coloring.

In another bowl, mix:
1 c HOT water
2 1/2 T Borax (a laundry detergent booster, bought mine at Wal-mart. $3.97 for a good sized box)

Pour the glue mix into the Borax mix. Stir and knead with your hands until the water is absorbed. (Mine never did absorb all the water. I took it out of the bowl after awhile and let it sit on the counter, flipping it over occasionally. It helped it "set up" a little better.)

Less than $5.
10 minutes to make.
Hours of fun!


Anonymous said...

I think I remember making a lot of this with your for gifts for the kdis at CDC. We had so much fun. I really miss those days.

Anonymous said...

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