Wednesday, August 5, 2009

mommy days.

Mommy/Lawson Day (Monday)

* Breakfast at our favorite donut shop
* Deliver a donut to Daddy on his break time
* Quick stop at ETC (Educational Technology Center) to get some school things for mommy. (Lawson sorted, made patterns, and counted teeny tiny erasers while I got my things)
* Parked on a side street to watch construction workers (Lawson crawled up to sit on my lap in the front seat. Somehow, he spotted Daddy driving past us, hollered "Daddy!" and Corey heard him through the open window. He backed up and we got to see Daddy again!)
* Home to play games... 4 games of UNO, 3 games of Candyland, and 2 games of Let's Go Fishin'
* lunch at home with Daddy
* trip to Wal-Mart to buy glue and Borax
* make and play with Space Mud (pictures to come)
* naptime
* begging to play at the park after we pick up Sophie, but it was 100*, so Mommy kept saying no.

Mommy/Sophie Day (Tuesday)

* Breakfast at our favorite donut shop
* to the courthouse to pay tags/taxes on van (yikes!)
* swimming playdate with Gracie and Jada (we kept assuring Jada she could touch in our pool... she couldn't. Oops.)
* more swimming alone... "Watch this, Mommy! Watch me now, Mommy!"
* lunch at home with Daddy
* trip to Wal-Mart to buy school supplies (1st grade!)
* Barbies
* naptime (so we don't take a cranky girl to Grandma's tonight!)
* more swimming after we picked up Lawson
* met Grandma at a Pizza Hut halfway between our two towns... supper together and Sophie went home with Grandma!

Mommy/Lawson Day again! (Wednesday, because Sophie is having a Mommy/Grandma Day!)

* sleeping late... 9:00!
* snuggle on couch watching "Max and Ruby"
* read 11 books (the only reason we stopped was so Mommy could get dressed for lunch with Daddy. He could read for hours!)
* lunch at Wendy's with Daddy
* quick walk on the creek path, down to the "tunnel"
* play at "Daddy's park" (and see Daddy again!)
* more playing at Daddy's park... it was 79*, no sun and a perfect breeze... I couldn't make him leave! Perfect park weather... and we were the only people there!
* stop at Mommy's school to pick up something (and chat with friends... I figure the more "chatting" I do now, the more I will get done Thursday and Friday morning when I'm actually there to work. I still have SO MUCH to do!)
* home at 2:30, so he made himself a cozy bed on the couch and is watching "Toy Story" and resting... "But can I keep my eyes open the whole time, Mommy?"
* in one hour we will leave to drive 30 minutes and meet Grandma again... he will join Sophie until Friday!

Mommy/Daddy Day (Wednesday night and all day Thursday!)


Aaron and Shannon said...

Enjoy your time! That will be nice!

Anonymous said...

What a great week before you go back to school. I am jealous of your mommy and kiddo days and am thinking I have got to figure out a way to make that work in our family next year. Enjoy your time with Hubby. :)

Christina said...

I can't believe how long your list of stuff is that you've done and then you write "lunch"-I'm expecting you to say "bedtime!" You can cram some stuff in a day! Have so much fun the rest of the week.