Saturday, August 15, 2009

first grade.

Sophie's first two days of first grade were wonderful!
She is thrilled with her teacher.
Two of her best friends are in her class.
She has made new friends already.
She told me that the first day of school was "the best day ever!"

We get to see each other every day at recess!
(Her teacher has a son in my class so we tried really hard to coordinate our recess times so we could each see our kids!)
I am anticipating so much change in Sophie this year.
She was so excited on Friday to tell me about a story she had written in writing centers...

My mom is have a baby.
She is have a baby grll.
We dot no wt hrr nam is.
I kat wat til the baby coms.

I can't wait for her to start reading to us.
I know that she can read. She knows lots of basic sight words and she can stretch through and figure out lots of other words. But if you ask her, she will tell you that she can't read. She just doesn't see herself as a reader yet. But I know how great her teacher is... and I know that her perception of herself is going to change soon.
I can't wait to see it.

My first two days in first grade have been wonderful, too!
My faith has been reaffirmed that this is what I am meant to do. This is my calling.
So different from last year.
I have a couple challenges this year, one in particular, but considering I had around 8 last year, this one seems easy.
The "first day of school project" that took me 9 days to complete last year... we did on Day 1 this year. It's amazing to me how different each class can be. Our class size went up a little this year to 22. (I'm really jealous of the classes across town that have 16 and 17 kids.) But our upper grade classes are sitting with 25 or more, so I shouldn't be complaining.

My feet and ankles are swelling to lovely tree trunk size by the end of the day, but overall I have had more energy at school than I did the last few days at home. (Although I have realized I need to leave a little sooner to get places on time. I'm moving a little slower this year!) I guess I do better when I'm busy. The exhaustion has been hitting me when I get home and sit for a few minutes. (Which is why it took me 3 days to post about our first day of school!) Luckily when I do get home, I have a cute little red-headed man who wants to spend some time snuggled up with his mommy.

And for the first time in I don't know how many years... I am not going up to school this first weekend. I feel ready for Monday, my classroom was organized still, I feel prepared. (Of course it does help that we have Art at 9:20 on Monday morning and I will have a 45 minute plan time then!) I'm spending the weekend at home, trying to catch up on laundry and cleaning and budget... all things that were neglected while I was getting ready at school.

Obviously still working on "Finding the Balance."


Anonymous said...

Glad the first days of school went well for you and Sophie. Thinking of you!
Emily Dalke

Frau said...

Your reflections on Sophie's learning are so sweet. I hope Miss Maren is as ready for Kindergarten as she thinks she is! We'll see Tuesday - Your post was a reminder of how sweet this time is! Thanks!

Beth said...

Art!!! EEEEEEEK, that's me!!! I'm not planning on getting much sleep tonight, but I do feel prepared too (and I only spent a little bit of time at school this weekend :) Love your pictures of Sophie and Lawson. I'm glad this year looks like it will be an easier year for you! You deserve it!

rentz said...

Love the pig tails. Brookie won't let me do those anymore. : (

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

This is such a sweet post.

I love when they write but are still misspelling all the words.

Anonymous said...

Your post was a reminder of how sweet this time is!I'm glad this year looks like it will be an easier year for you!...thanks
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