Thursday, April 23, 2009

the ugly duckling.

I went on a field trip with Lawson last week to the Children's Theater.
I could get used to mornings like this...
I slept 30 minutes later than usual.
The kids got to sleep 30 minutes later.
We left the house 30 minutes later.
Dropped Sophie off at school and got to chat with her teacher for a few minutes. (I didn't have to rush back down the hall to my own classroom!)
Lawson and I came back home... did a couple things... ran a few errands... drove through Sonic for Mommy's morning caffiene fix (Diet Dr. Pepper) and made it to pre-school by 9:00.
So much more relaxing than my normal morning routine!

I've only been here twice, but was really impressed both times.
The plays are cute, funny and very age appropriate.

See the cute little redhead in the front row?

Lawson's favorite character... the cat, whose name was "Butch," but the lady who owned him couldn't see very well and didn't know he was a boy. So she called him "Pretty Kitty" and dressed him up all fancy.

The Ugly Duckling gets reunited with his real swan family (who obviously got a baby duck by mistake!) Cute, cute show and a fun time with my little man.

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