Saturday, April 25, 2009

belly band.

This has been my favorite pregnancy thing so far...

I love it!

My sister bought a black one for me at Target. (thanks, Kristin!)
Last week I bought a white one.
I think I wear one of them everyday.
When it's pulled down, it just looks like a layered shirt.
But it hides the fact that my pants are unbuttoned and/or unzipped.
They advertise ways to wear it all during your pregnancy.
$17 at your local Target.
Totally worth the money!


k1 said...

You are very welcome! I'm glad it's working for you:)

The Sieberts said...

i'm totally going to have to check that out! cool idea!

Courtney said...

Ok, I obviously haven't been blog reading in a are pregnant??? Congrats!!!=) When are you due? Boy or Girl. So exciting! Wish they had that belly band when I was expecting...looks fabulous!=)