Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Easter baskets...

We went to church and then drove an hour to have lunch with Grandma and Grandpa.
Grandma made some really yummy dessert. Sophie and Lawson were so excited with their tiny little glasses.

Since it was cold and wet and rainy outside, we had to hunt for Easter eggs inside. I had a hard time getting pictures, though. They were all blurry!

I realized too late that this was the only picture I got of the kids together on Easter.

Her hair's a little crazy... but Sophie looks so big to me in this picture. I think it's the permanent front teeth. She'll be 7 when this baby comes! She's going to be such a good helper.

Hugs for Great Grandma before she heads home. (probably for a nap... they were very energetic this day!)

We left in the late afternoon to go see Grandma Jones and have an early supper. We headed home around 7:00 and I'm pretty sure both kids were asleep by 7:15. Quiet drive home. (which is always nice!)

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Courtney said...

she will be a good helper! it's a great age difference...