Saturday, April 11, 2009

cora love.

It's been 2 months since sweet Cora went to be with Jesus.
We knew this would be a hard weekend for Jess.
So this morning, about 25 of us gathered together at her mom's house for a surprise brunch.
We had delicous food (thanks, Kathy!) and got to present Jess with this...
a basket of "Cora Love."

We had all been buying things off of the Cora Paige Etsy site, and collecting them... just for Jess.

Very impressive poem, Kendall and Amanda! You two are talented!

Cora's Grammy saved a couple of her creations... since their Etsy shop sells out in a matter of hours!

A precious quilt made by Cora's other grandma... so soft and sweet.

Jess was excited to see her "Megan pillow!"

"I am encircled about eternally in the arms of His Love."

You are loved by so many, Jess.
Your life and your faith continue to be an inspiration to so many.
I'm so glad we could spend this morning with you, celebrating your precious Cora.

It was great to see you...
and great to see your smile.


Anonymous said...

what an amazing group of friends you are--blessings to all.

amy said...

I pray every single day for Joel & Jess about 12:30pm...their story has touched so many.
You are blessed with wonderful friends...a true gift from God.
Happy Easter, Amy.

Christina said...

You don't know me...and neither do Joel and Jess, but I have followed their story from midway through their hospital stay. Like many others, I have been so touched, moved, and a million other words that could describe how I've been affected. Sometimes I check their friends blogs, and just happened to visit yours tonight, and wanted to say how amazing, how beautiful, how completely wonderful for you all to be the arms, legs, hands, and heart of our Saviour for Jessica. She has made it clear that the only reason for getting through this awful situation is the strength/comfort she finds in the Word, and in God himself. But what a blessing to have friends and family who can give her such a very tangible experience of His love, and theirs as well. This brought me to tears. It makes me all the more thankful for Easter, and for what we celebrate, and in a hard moment (personally), it was quite a blessing for me. I hope that's okay to say. Happy Easter!

Karina said...

I am crying, you are all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this, you all make me a much better mother.

Madelyn said...

What an incredible thing to do.
Must have been so hard for all of you. The faith and friendship and family strength you all have is truly beautiful.
May your memories comfort you all.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Amy, you guys are so beautiful!

What a great event.

Anonymous said...

How great is it to see our God working through you all! What wonderful wonderful friends you all are! Those of us who don't know Jess and Joel personally are so glad that they are surrounded by such great friends and family.