Thursday, April 23, 2009


Corey has been talking about taking the kids fishing for a long time.
Saturday we finally did it.
I think his visions of how it would go were a little different than the reality, though.

We started out with smiles...

But they quickly decided that fishing wasn't very exciting.
Corey tried to convince them that this is what people like about fishing... sitting quietly, relaxing, just holding a pole... but they weren't buying it.

They started having a little more fun when I convinced him to let them try casting on their own...

We spread them far apart from each other and I scooted my chair back a few extra feet.

The clouds came and the wind picked up and it did get pretty chilly.

We packed it all up and decided to look for a place next time that can offer us instant gratification... do they let you take poles into fish hatcheries??

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amy d said...

phew, for a moment there, i thought you were coming to my back yard for some instant fishing :) the hatchery sounds much better!