Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was feeling the need for a little family time this weekend.
Laundry and cleaning were neglected.
Lawson was pretty crabby from an ear infection and both kids have croupy coughs.
When we were getting a little frustrated during one meltdown, we just had to remind ourselves... we have two sets of friends right now that would give anything to be dealing with a child that is fussy from an ear infection.

So we did lots of snuggling. Read lots of books. Watched a few movies. And made a few messes...

Then, while I made supper these oh-so-helpful children "washed" the dishes.

Did they get water all over the counter? Yes.
Did they get water all over themselves? Absolutely.
Did I have to wash everything again later than evening? Of course.
But did they have fun? Most definitely.

And in the long run, is a little water all over that big of a deal? Not really.

Lots of extra hugs.
Lots of extra kisses.
Lots of love this weekend.

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meg duerksen said...

amy those are really good pictures. :) i like them.
good parenting too.