Saturday, January 24, 2009


Konley's family...

Russ, Jenn, Kassade, Keyton and baby London
(Russ and Jenn are our neighbors)

Jess, Joel and baby Cora...
who starts chemo on Monday.
Still waiting on test results, but praying for the "good cancer" that is easily treated with chemo.

Seriously, two of the nicest families I know.
Families that love their children more than life itself.
Families that trust in God and believe that He is in control.
Families that I admire so much.

Praying for you all.


amy said...

thanks, amy.
i'm praying too.
hugs for them...

Jennifer said...

Thanks Amy for remembering our family. Things are tough but we will make it through with the love of God, our friends and family.

I will keep Jess, Joel and baby Cora in my prayers.

Courtney said...

oh. that makes me feel SICK. keep updating on them, please. i'm praying.