Monday, January 26, 2009


I was pretty emotional at church on Sunday.
I cried three different times during the 80 minute service.

First they show this picture and share the news about Konley.
I love this picture of Russ and Konley.

Then they show these pictures and share the news about Cora.

She was diagnosed as Stage 4 cancer.
Stage 4.
They found 100 spots on her liver.
How is her liver even big enough to have 100 spots on it?

How can a face this sweet and a body that is so tiny, be so full of cancer?

Seriously... the sweetest family.

I taught with Jess for a few years.
Truly one of the nicest people I know.
Joel's a pretty good guy, too. We refer to him as "The Green Mr. Joel." (long story... but it came from Lawson)

I'm looking at these pictures... thinking about these friends... trying to imagine how they are feeling... and remembering this song:

Steven Curtis Chapman added the last verse not long ago... after the tragic death of his 5 year old daughter. I listen to this song and try to imagine being that parent. That parent that can say,
"I know, Lord, that this child is Yours."
He has given them to us to love and to care for, but truly, they are His.
He loves them even more than we do.

Then for our closing song, we sing this:

So I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned
In awe of the One who gave it all.
So I'll stand, my soul Lord to You surrendered,
All I am is Yours.

All I am is Yours.
I am a mommy.
I am a mommy to two beautiful and precious children.
And the thought of losing either one of them is paralyzing to me.
(This would be where the third crying spell hit me.)

Jess, I am so sorry that you are having to go through this with your sweet little girl.
You and Joel are so strong. Your faith and your trust in God has already been an inspiration to so many people.
You can read more about their story at Jess's blog or at a new one just set up for Cora.

Praying for this sweet baby.
Praying for my friends.
Praying for all the parents who are facing the reality our children are not ours,
they are Yours.


Julie said...

Thanks for posting this. I too thought of that same song when I first heard about Cora. Our children are His, but my goodness it's hard to think of them suffering like Cora has to and I don't know how I'd respond. Jess is definitely a testimony and inspiration to all.

Amanda said...

yes, church was very emotional on Sunday. Very nicely said in this post. We are learning in Sunday School about ALL of our possessions being his and coming to the realization of that, even our children.

Kara Janzen said...

Amy, I have been having similar feelings...I feel like an emotional wreck! All I want to do is cry for Cora and Joel and Jess. Even though I was in a different church service, I was just as emotional as you! I took Braden out and got him to take a nap in my arms and those moments of rocking with him were all that more precious to me. I wish I was there in Newton to join with all of you...know that I am with all of you in prayer.

The Sieberts said...

i love that song too, i actually posted about that song a couple days ago. What a inspiration S.C. Chapman is! I too have cried alot lately, but i am also finding more comfort in prayer. its not until someone close to you goes though something traumatic that I realize how strong and loving our heavenly father really is.

Courtney said...

i can't stop thinking about them all. thanks for sharing! i'm praying.

Frau said...

Thanks for your post reminding us all who we truly belong to. We will be praying for your friends! Hugs from Abilene.