Tuesday, April 15, 2008

school kids.

Guess who loved going to his pre-school open house on Saturday?
He was so excited!
I still haven't figured out how I am going to get him there... or how I'm going to get him back to daycare once preschool is done... minor details.
But he is going to have so much fun!

Not sure if he realizes that Sophie won't be there, though...

Kindergarten enrollment was tonight.
Sophie was super excited.
Pretty unsure about things though, when it came time for the kiddos to leave and go with the teachers for awhile. Thank goodness for her little friend, Gracie. Gracie grabbed her hand and they marched off together. Sophie needs a brave little friend.
They'll have so much fun next year!

(And mommy's room is about 50 yards away from the kindergarten rooms!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh... he is a cutie! I'm the mom of a red-head so I am naturally drawn to them. I just happened upon your blog... from Whatever's new post. Come visit my blog... my latest post is about my 8 year old red head, Adam. :) ~Jill