Saturday, April 12, 2008

i am very loved.

It must be "make your teacher cry week."
Happy crying.

I got another note from a student yesterday. This one was written by his mom, though.

"Dear Amy,
I just had to send a note about Nicholas' bedtime prayers. Tonights included... "and God bless Mrs. Jones because she is just awesome and what more could a kid want... So thank you she is my teacher and keep her safe and happy." (totally filled my eyes with tears!) Then more kind words from the mom and dad... words than any teacher would love to hear.

I love my job.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet... I miss that. I'm a former teacher and I miss those special notes so much. I taught first grade for ten years. The letters, notes and drawings I received from the kiddos and parents always meant so much. You are touching the lives of these children in a special way. :) ~Jill