Saturday, April 12, 2008

family night.

Last night we went out of town to our favorite family pizza place, and then to Aunt Heather and Uncle Brian's house to see their new "babies," Max and Ozzie. Sophie spent the first 30 minutes of our visit hiding from them and jumping on the couch whenever they came near. Lawson was a little braver. :)

Despite how the pictures look... no little boys were harmed in the following photos:

I like how Corey's reaching in to help here... I'd hate to see that brush get trampled on by a feisty little dog. Nevermind the child that the feisty little dog is standing on... let's get that brush out of the way.

Though it looks like I am just sitting here snapping pictures while my toddler gets mauled by dogs, he really was okay. He was shrieking and laughing and giggling the whole time. We would get the dogs off and he would lay right back down again, just begging to be jumped on!

We're calmer now... let's just sit with daddy and pet the dogs.

Maybe not.

His face was pretty red and he had a few scratches, but none that are still visible this morning. (Which is good, because we had his pre-school open house and we were afraid they might report us to SRS!)

Vicious looking creatures, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Okay... we don't have a pug, but we love them!!!! We actually have a schnoodle... a hurricane Rita dog and she is a sweetheart. But we just love those dad gum pugs!! So I couldn't help but notice yours in your blog photos. My boys love this pug video on You Tube. Go to and you will really get a kick out of it! ~Jill

Anonymous said...

Just realized the the pugs aren't yours, but we still love them anyway!! Still... go and check out the video. :)