Sunday, April 27, 2008

apple blossom festival.

Every year, Presbyterian Manor (the retirement home where Sophie's pre-school is) hosts the Apple Blossom Festival. The weather was a little chilly, but we had a great time.

How cute is that little girl up there?
Not an ounce of shyness in her this night!

Afterwards, Miss Renee' (the director) came out and hugged me and asked if I was crying happy tears. (I was!)
On Sophie's enrollment forms one of the questions was what are your goals for your pre-schooler this year? I had written about her shyness and said that if she would actually get on stage at the Apple Blossom Festival and sing, I would cry happy tears!
We got to experience this already this year with the Christmas program (happy tears there, too!) Such a difference in our little girl! At her pre-school last year, she wouldn't even go near the stage, let alone smile and sing. She was in such a little shell last year... so withdrawn, so quiet. I give Jessi credit for a lot of this... the fact that we were able to get her out of what was a horrible daycare situation for her. (Not necessarily a horrible daycare... just a horrible situation for Sophie.)

We were so blessed to find Jessi.
So blessed by pre-school this year.
So excited to see what she'll be like in kindergarten!
Happy, happy tears!

More festival fun...

Petting zoo.

Balloon animals.

Train rides.

And this super fun slide!

This little girl was having way too much fun!

Lawson, on the other hand, was being a big chicken.
He wouldn't do the slide. Wouldn't go on the train. Wouldn't touch the baby horse.
The frustrating thing was, he would be so excited about everything... right up to the last minute.
Then he'd chicken out.
Sophie finally convinced him to try the big slide... he made it 3/4 of the way up, starting crying, and I had to yank my shoes off, climb up and get him.

He did finally get in the bouncy house.
Only to get kicked in the face by a bigger kid 2 minutes later.
So much for that.

Super Daddy didn't want Lawson to miss out on all the fun.
And, of course... he loved it!

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Anonymous said...

Don't you just LOVE blue and yellow on your red-head? Those are my favorites on Adam. I also love him in burnt orange. Cute photos! :) ~Jill