Friday, May 23, 2014

yesterday and today.

So I spent most of yesterday up at school, doing this...

 Moving 90% of the things in my room out. And into the music room, which is the room that is the absolute farthest away from my classroom. Awesome. 

I opted for just carrying things loose, instead of boxing them up (for the most part). Mainly because I didn't have any boxes, but also because it was easier and will be faster to put away. (I think.) The kids and a wonderful para did a lot of the moving for me on Wednesday. They thought it was great fun! (The kids anyway... I'm not sure about Brenda.)

If anyone bumps into any of these tables, though, or things get knocked off... we'll be in for a mess. Especially all those tubs of books that I spent hours leveling and labeling and sorting. 

I got officially "checked out" at 3:00 and am done up there for awhile! (Nothing I can do since I'm kicked out of my classroom...)

Then spent a couple hours here... (which ended with a black eye for Lawson)

 Then we spent about 30 minutes here...

{imagine a picture of our van, pulled over on the side of the road, in the dark, with Corey and I outside, trying to change a flat tire. We've never done that on the van before, so it took us awhile to actually find the spare tire and get it out. A little bit longer to figure out how to get the jack out. No flashlight in the van, so I'm holding my cell phone, trying to give Corey enough light to see what he's doing.}

The spare tire was pretty low on air, so we limped it in to town on a backroad and paid $1.00 for air at a gas station. Finally made it home about 11:00 pm. Making memories. =)

Ran a few errands in town this morning, (including a faux hawk for Lawson.) Not my idea and not my favorite thing, but I'm telling myself it's only hair. =)

Now to tackle cleaning this disaster of a house that somehow looks like it threw up on itself again. (Didn't we just have it clean last weekend?! Or the weekend before?!)

Luckily I got some boxes in that the FedEx guy dropped off before the rain started. A new little adventure I've started (because apparently my life wasn't hectic enough)...
 (cute little photo bomber, huh?)

Off to tackle the list!
Family reunion starts tomorrow at noon and my sister and her family are driving to Kansas right now! (The kids are just a tad excited to see their 7 cousins!)

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Anonymous said...

Oooohh! I just got introduced to Norwex products about a month ago when a friend of mine started selling them. They are wonderful! And yay for chemical free!! :)

Amy in Topeka