Monday, May 26, 2014

family reunion.

Our family reunion always starts out with a lunch buffet at Pizza Hut... then a trip to the cemetery where my grandma and grandpa and other relatives are buried. We had family from Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Wisconsin this year.

A few kids had a hard time understanding why Aunt Aletha and Uncle Pete have a headstone even though they aren't dead. Their kids tried to get them to lay on the ground behind their stones and "test them out," but they wouldn't go for it. =)

Not sure what generation this would be, but all my grandma's great-grandkids. (plus a couple great-great grands in there!) (Not all of them... but all the ones that were here this weekend.)

None of these kids ever got to meet my Grandma Wells. My grandpa died before I was born. But the legacy they've left behind is pretty amazing.

My generation. (I'm the baby...) We were missing lots of faces here.

Collin getting the "you're my new favorite relative that I didn't know I liked so much" hug. =)

All 10 grandkids...

My mom and 5 of her 6 siblings... 

2010 reunion and 2010 funny farm (the weather didn't cooperate for my uncle's farm this year)
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