Saturday, May 10, 2014


I told someone yesterday that my house looks like it threw up on itself.
She didn't believe me. She said my house never looks like that.
I reminded her she's been to my house three times. And every time, I knew she was coming.
It's bad. Really bad.

My to-do-list today had things like "dust, vacuum, clean windows" on it.
I went to throw in a load of laundry this morning and then spent 1.5 hours deep cleaning my washing machine. (Seriously... how did clothes get clean in there?! Gross.)

So far today, I have...

* checked Facebook

* syringe fed a kitten in a shoebox that I was pretty sure was almost dead. (I was right. Poor little Juniper...)

* deep cleaned the washing machine

* deep cleaned the dryer

* cleaned and rearranged the freezer

* unloaded and organized 1/4 of beef in the freezer

* cleaned the dash and doors of the van and Corey's car with my awesome Envirowand (more on that later...)
{it was already dirty from me shoving it down the dryer vent, so I might as well get it more dirty by doing the car dash and doors. See how my brain works? So distracted sometimes.}

* pulled out the ice container to get my mom a Dr. Pepper after she delivered our beef (thanks, Mom!)... got a new bag of ice to refill it, but wanted to clean it out first... walked away and left them both on the kitchen counter and ended up cleaning out the sink in the mudroom... came back later to find a big puddle of water on the kitchen floor and the ice container and bag of ice still sitting on the counter. Sheesh.

* cleaned out the kitchen freezer while I was putting the ice container away (what is that thing called? A drawer?)

* Finally threw in the load of laundry that I went to go throw in 2.5 hours ago.

So... I have accomplished absolutely nothing that was on my list... I have a shoebox with a dead kitten in it in the garage... our house is still a complete disaster... the things that I have cleaned are things that no one is going to know I cleaned (who looks in your washer or freezer?)... I feel overwhelmed by all the mess and clutter... and I just realized how hungry I am... I never ate breakfast (or lunch) and it is almost 1:00 pm.

Most of the time, multi-tasking is great and I feel like I do it pretty well.
Days like today... not so much.

Top priorities right now...
1. Eat something.
2. Add "clean washer, clean dryer, clean freezer, organize beef" to my to-do-list so that I can cross 4 things off.

You knew that was coming, right? =)


Jenn said...

your house did NOT throw up on itself. and you never KNOW when i will show up next! :)

Toni :O) said...

Oh my gosh Amy I just busted out loud laughing and you writing stuff on your list you already did so you can cross them off. Haha that is SO me! Hope you enjoyed a Dr. Pepper after all that! Happy Mother's Day-you earned it!

Melissa Jensen said...

you and I have way too much in common. I think you just described my every day. I am a total distracted thinker and am on my feet all day b/w my kids and keeping my household up and running. I too like to write things on my To Do list after I did them, it is "fun" Well I admire you anyhow and still am hoping that Sunday was the actual day you relaxed and rested from your busy Saturday.

Frau said...

Aim, you absolutely need to enjoy every.single.thing. you crossed off that list! Made me tired just reading it! ;) Here's to Summer being just around the corner!!