Wednesday, August 14, 2013


* We are in the farmhouse! So far from being unpacked and organized, but we are in! (Except for the completely full storage unit we still have in town. Blah.)

* We are loving it here. So far only one light switch that we wish we would have put in a different spot.  And I've only freaked myself out with this whole "living in the country thing" a couple times, so far.

* The kids are loving their new rooms and everyone is sleeping great! (Still need to work on those early bedtimes, though.)

* Internet was finally hooked up today! Yay! This girl without a Smartphone has felt so out of the loop.

* School starts tomorrow. And I'm realizing I haven't taken a single picture of my classroom! Not one! Crazy.

* This is probably the least prepared I have ever been before the first day of school. I should probably be more nervous about tomorrow. But I'm not. This will be my 15th "first day of 1st grade." I'm pretty sure I've got it down. (And it's only a 1/2 day. Since we spend HOURS learning and practicing procedures, time fills up pretty quick.)

* Honestly, I think I'm too overwhelmed to feel stressed. I'm just kind of numb.

* I locked my keys in my van today. And basically left myself stranded in the middle of a little town I didn't need to be in. That was awesome.

* Seeing lots of cute First Day of School pictures on Facebook and am realizing I have no plan for tomorrow. Rats. There are plans for a fun chalkboard door here at the farm, but it hasn't happened yet.

* So anxious to show you pictures of this happy place we are loving. Soon. (Like, as soon as I shove some boxes and random stuff out of the way...) I wish you could have seen the sunrise from out here this morning. So, so pretty.

* Off to bed to pray for sleep, early rising children and for sweet, calm little people tomorrow. That's not too much to ask for, right? =)


Courtney Cassada said...

praying for you today, friend! i hope it went well!

Ben said...

I hope today was great and that tomorrow is even better! :)