Monday, August 26, 2013

still here.

Just in case you're thinking of it, I wouldn't recommend moving a few days before school starts. 
Not if you're a teacher, anyway. 
I feel like I need hours to spend here at home. 
And I need to spend hours working up at school. 

Slowly, slowly getting things crossed off my to-do-list at the house. 
Sometimes big things, but usually just little things. 
Tonight we hung hooks on the walls in the kids' bedrooms and in our bathroom. 
(No excuses for towels left on the floor!)

Constantly adding things to my to-do-list at school, though. 
I may never feel caught up. (New curriculum for math this year...)

But, no matter how overwhelmed I am, my days are full of lots of smiles, lots of songs and lots of hugs.
Who wouldn't love that? 

These are the little people I get to spend my days with this year...  (plus one more starting tomorrow.)
One of these little people brought me chocolate chip cookies this morning. I kind of love her. =) 

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