Thursday, June 6, 2013

farmhouse: sheetrock

Gretchie's little playhouse under the stairs...

Lawson's door is on the far left and the room my mother-in-law is standing in is the utility room (water heater, furnace, etc.) There is a closet to the left of the stairs.

Sophie's room is straight ahead (with the window), then the kid's bath and Gretchen's room are down a little hallway behind the stairs. The opening to her little playhouse is off that hallway.

Mudroom (and a bath and little office area) are the little roof in the middle, garage is the roof in the back.

Living room... our bedroom is behind all the sheetrock leaned against the wall. (I'm standing in the breakfast nook.)

Kitchen... (sink will be right under that window)

Corey was really glad he wasn't one of the guys that had to get these huge pieces of sheetrock downstairs.

We're officially "locked up" now.

Standing in the breakfast nook... kitchen on the left, door goes into the dining room.

Our bedroom door is on the right and the door to the left of the stairs is my craft room. =) (It was going to be Gretchen's bedroom for a year or two, until she got a little bigger, but she decided she wants to go straight to the basement with Sophie and Lawson. We figured it was less furniture to move if we put her straight down there.) Yay for a craft room!

Master bath... (the blue sheetrock is something special for being near water)

Standing in our bedroom door, looking towards living room, kitchen and breakfast nook. Corey is standing in the doorway to the office/bathroom/mudroom.

It looks SO different in there with sheetrock!
I've almost got my paint colors figured out. (No builder beige for this girl!) =)
We're meeting with some flooring people tomorrow to try and figure out wood and tile.
(I told Corey awhile back that tile was going to be my hardest decision. Turns out that's the decision our builder needs first! Yikes!)
Fingers crossed we find some things we love tomorrow!

2 comments: said...

What fun!! Keep the pictures coming!

Toni :O) said...

Awesome!! Getting closer. I think you have great builders with how quickly they are moving.