Monday, June 17, 2013

crafts. {cousins}

Grandma always stocks up on crafts before the cousins come. (Michaels $1 section is a great place to find them!) 
I usually get to help organize it. Mom likes my "teacher organization." 
Craft time is always a hit with the kids, though. Every single one of them. 

This just makes me smile.
For over a year, my niece wore a tiara everywhere. All day, every day. Seriously. This was at her aunt's wedding. It was the cutest thing and I loved that my sister was okay with it. You can see her wearing one at our family reunion last year.

At some point, she quit wearing one.
But she found a new, fun replacement that she wore whenever she came to Aunt Amy's house...
She makes me smile. =)

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Kristin said...

Thanks for sharing the Mohawk!