Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So far this week I have gotten an "Oh my Lord..." and a "Holy Cow..." when someone walked into my classroom. And they weren't saying that because they were impressed by my classroom. =) 

Moving a house and a classroom both in 3 weeks has been a lot of work. We had 12 years worth of stuff in our house and I had 13 years worth of stuff in my classroom. I'm getting pretty tired of unpacking boxes and figuring out where to put things. At school and at home.

Everything along this wall (minus the green bookshelves) has had to find a home in this new classroom.  And this new classroom has very, very little storage. Not good when you're moving this much stuff into an already full classroom.

I miss a lot of things about my old classroom. The storage... the cubbies... the tables... the patio... the door that opened into Leah's room.... Leah... Abby. I definitely miss them the most.

I miss our reading curriculum, too. It seems strange that I am nervous about teaching WITH a manual, but I am. 13 years of teaching and I have never had a teacher's manual for reading. This will be very different.

I spent the first few days I was there just going through the cabinets and cleaning/organizing. I filled up a couple boxes full of things I didn't think I would need. (12 Bingo games?? Really??)

The TV/VCR/DVD player has been handy for my little helpers. We won't make this a daily habit after school, but it is definitely going to be nice for some days!

Slowly, but surely, I'm making progress. I might not really look like it, but I am. It's that whole "It has to get worse before it can get better" situation. This picture actually looks pretty good. It's much worse in there now.

This little miss is going to visit her daycare for the first time tomorrow morning. Having a few hours with just the bigger kids should help. Should is the key word there. Thursday I'll have some time up there alone.

My new staff is super sweet and helpful and kind and so, so encouraging. (Although I'm still a little nervous about disappointing them. It should make me feel good when someone says they've heard AWESOME things about me. Instead I just wish they would lower their expectations a bit.) =)

My husband and good friends keep reminding me... the "Oh my Lord..." and "Holy cow..." people don't know me well yet. They don't know that I work best under pressure.

And based on how the other classrooms in my building look... I should be feeling some pressure.


Danielle said...

Your classroom is starting to look very bright and happy - Amy Jonesy style! Your new staff is going to learn so much about you in this first week or two. They have no idea what is about to happen...and they will be amazed.

(Can you get Gretchie down from the rolling chair. Hannah and I are nervous the chair is going to roll out from under her and she's going to hit her head on the tray. Thanks! :)

Holly said...

it'll be awesome, it always is!!!

Amanda said...

I really just can't believe you're gone. Seriously??? You know you're room will look fabulous when it's time - like 5 minutes before they walk in, right!?!? Good luck! Hope Gretchen has a good day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Your doing great Amy! I had to move the first grade room up to another building this summer and have been working to get it all ready. Parents come Sat. and school starts Aug. 15. Teacher inservice starts today.
Have a great year, Amy!

--Leah Ekeland

rentz said...

When I saw Clifford lying on the floor it made me sad. :( We'll miss him. But we'll definitely miss you way more!

Your room will look great. And your kids and parents are going to love you! Just as we all did at SC.

Courtney said...

they are going to love you. your classroom is going to be PERFECT by the first day of school! i just know it!