Thursday, April 5, 2012

35 things.

35 things I've learned in the last 35 years...

1. Polka dots make me happy. 
2. Love is a choice.
3. Physical touch is not my love language. 
4. However... I love hugs from friends and family. 
5. Cold sores/fever blisters = no fun.
6. Abreeva is crazy expensive.
7. I'm not a big fan of change.
8. God just did not make me to be a size 2, 4, 6 or 8. At least not after having 3 babies. Although I wish my double digits were a little smaller... I am content to be in double digits. 
9. I do love coffee. Coffee with quite a bit of creamer. Creme brule' is my current fave. 
10. I could eat cereal every day.
11. Feet are not that pretty. They are always prettier with painted toes.
12. Some friends are forever friends. Time and distance don't matter with these friends. (Thank you, God, for my forever friends!)
13. You are never too old to need your mom.
14. If mom isn't available... some aunts work well in her place. I have a few I could choose from. =)
15. I like lists. (Obviously.)
16. Lists are more fun when they are happy to look at.
17. Creating makes me happy. 
18. I need to create more often.
19. Sincere compliments mean a lot. 
20. Color makes me happy. My sister-in-law suggested we get a beige couch. I just laughed. =)
21. I still like to build with Legos. 
22. Photos make me happy. I got my laptop in Dec. 2009. I currently have 24,918 photos in iPhoto. Pretty sure I need to learn to use my external hard drive. 
23. Flowers make me smile. But not really roses. Daisies, tulips and daffodils will always make me smile the most. 
24. I will never be a dog person.
25. I get my feelings hurt too easily. 
26. Hot pads can burst into flame. (Just learned this one this past weekend...)
27. Things always look cuter stuck in a bucket or a jar. 
28. 1st grade is my favorite age to teach. (Granted, it's the only age I've ever really taught... but I think it's my favorite.)
29. The people who created Pinterest were geniuses. 
30. Praise and worship time will always be my favorite time at church. 
31. Praise and worship time will never by my husband's favorite time at church.
32. I am a social introvert. I love to be around people, but I need alone time to recharge. 
33. Alone time in my own house is amazing.
34. Being organized makes me happy. But I will never be as organized as I want to be. 
35. I am blessed. So very blessed. I will be one lucky girl if God gives me another 35 years with this sweet family of mine. 

p.s. Happy Birthday to you, too, Meggers! You are my favorite person to share a birthday with! =) 


Mom said...

Happy birthday ! I loved your list. It made me laugh and nod my head.
I've loved you for 35 years and 9months.


Alyssa said...

Happy birthday! I love your colorful list! Hope you have a great day.

rentz said...

Happy birthday, Amy! So glad and honored to be able to call you friend. Great list!

MDflaming said...

Happy, HAPPY, birthday sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

I love the list as well! I know what you mean about God not wanting you to be those sizes totally get that! I am trying to accept that as well and be satisfied I believe I have unrealistic goals and should just be happy God has made this healthy body no matter the size. This body gave me healthy twins and helps take care of a healthy family! Thank you for putting it in writing! As always I love your blog and you have always been helpful to me when I have asked you questions!


The Boccias said...

Happy birthday, Amy!!

Courtney said...

happy birthday! i love your list! :-)

Danielle said...

Happy birthday to my sweet forever friend! I love your happy, colorful list. Your mommy's comment made me cry. 35 years and 9 months - that's the best line ever! Enjoy your day and this next year. I'm so happy you were born!!!

Joke said...

Happy birthday. I loved reading this list. I think you're very inspiring. Wishing you a blessed new year!

Holly said...

love your lists...we share that love ;-)

actually, we share a LOT of this list!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Great year to turn 35! I will be that in July! Enjoy your special day!!

Dawn Gross said...

Happy Birthday! Neat list!

Melissa said...

Happy birthday- hope you had a fabulous day! Thanks for being a forever friend:) I can relate to so many of these- 30 and 31 made me smile because that is our family too!

Ben said...

happy birthday! :)

Toni :O) said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Great list, I was surprised I didn't see Dr. Pepper on your list! Hah! Your mom's comment was the best!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday, Amy!

Hanni said...

I am laughing out loud at #30 and #31. That is exactly Brent and I too. Hmmmmmmm, I think I remember the four of us going to church in Emporia and that is how it was way back then too.

Grammy said...

I'm old enough to be your mother, but my list looks so similar to yours that I can hardly believe it. Love your blog. Oh - and I used to be a first grade teacher.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day!

Heather said...

In my defense, I suggested the couch only have beige cushions, to accent the red!!

jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Amy!!
Sounds like you had a great day even though you were working :) I laughed out loud when I read #27. That is definitely evident from the pictures I have seen of your home. I need a bucket/jar intervention at my house. Also... #30 and #31... so true at our house too. Cheers!

Frau said...

Your mom's comment is awesome...I teared up at that and your blessed that God put you into my life so many years ago...(close to 30 I'm thinkin'). I'm glad you had a great birthday and pray many more happy years with your sweet family!

Love ya,

p.s. #22 cracks me up...get your external out and call me!