Thursday, April 12, 2012

this week.

My parenting and wife-ing have been less than stellar this week. 

Probably my teacher-ing, too. (Don't all good teachers make up words??) I guess I could just say "teaching," huh? =)

The kids have had way too much TV and computer time this week. Bad mommy.

I've given them cereal and hard boiled eggs for supper twice this week. Awesome. 

I've promised Corey that I will get back on my game and do better next week. (Like maybe just have cereal once...) =)

I'm not sure what my deal has been...
Feeling a little yucky... crazy 1st graders... fighting 7 and 9 year olds... the weather... who knows?
But I'm going to get my craft on with some friends this weekend.
(Although I have no idea what I'm actually going to be crafting...)
Surely that will help, though, right? =)


rentz said...

Don't know what I'm going to be crafting either. I'm thinking you and I can be the official taste testers of all the yummy treats. Sounds like a good gig to me! :)

And you are a fantastic mommy, teacher and friend! I'm certain you are a great wife too...tell Cory I said that's his department to let you know!

Melissa said...

I have been having one of those weeks for the last month....hopefully your's is short lived! Hang in there friend, we all have those times. Have fun this weekend, sounds like a great time! I checked and July is pretty open since the Disney World trip fell through (oh wait- that was only in my dreams anyways- no vacations here:) so let me know what weekend works for you, Meagan and Patti.

PS. There is NOTHING wrong with cereal and eggs for dinner. If it makes you feel better Kate had 3 boiled eggs for dinner last night and that was it:)

Butterball said...

I so appreciate your unbridled honesty here! Feeling much less crappy about the fact that my daughter hasn't eaten a vegetable since... well, does ketchup count?

Danielle said...

I'm with Gina, you're a great mommy, teacher and friend! I'm pretty sure you're a fabulous wife too :) Those kiddos look pretty happy, healthy and loved to me.

Can't wait to do some crafting and chatting with you this weekend! I'm pretty sure I'll be a better person by Saturday evening :)

Ben said...

I am right there with you!

I just keep singing Dory's song, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious.....we had eggs and cereal this week too. I thought about getting some applesauce out of the fridge to go with it, but it seemed like too much work! :) - Tonya

Jenny said...

You are a great mom from what I've seen here! I don't think you'd be normal if you never had moments like these. :0)

I hope you had a great time crafting this past weekend!