Friday, April 6, 2012


Last year for my birthday I took a personal day. Breakfast out with a friend... comfy clothes all day... maybe I went shopping?? I don't really remember what all I did, but I remember that it was delightful. 
And I decided that I would take a personal day on my birthday every year. 

My birthday this year is really close to Easter. We have Good Friday off from school and then Monday off, too. A 4 day weekend!! And technically, we're not supposed to take personal days that are backed up to a long weekend or days off. I think we can... we just have to get special permission or something. Honestly, I didn't ask about it... I just figured I couldn't take the day off and I should be grateful for a 4 day weekend. (Which I absolutely am!!) 

But even though I was at work, my day was pretty delightful. Lots of special little things that made me smile... 

A tulip from one of my kiddos. (Which I later realized looks an awful lot like the tulips that are growing out in front of our school. Oops.) 

Happy flowers and my favorite candy from the teacher beside me. (The other teacher on our team brought me a frozen Dr. Pepper from Kwik Shop for our afternoon full of meetings the day before.) Do they know my favorite things, or what? =) 

And then these pretty flowers from my favorite guy. All 3 of my favorite flowers in my classroom all day! How perfect is that?! 

And then my sweet sub from the afternoon before had my kids make birthday cards for me. They were so excited to give them to me when they got there in the morning! (Thank you, Karla!) 

They all had green on them somewhere, since they know it's my favorite color. =) 

This card made me a little teary... 

And this one... 

I heard so many birthday wishes in the hall... super sweet gifts in the morning from two of my favorite friends...  a surprise birthday gift from one of my kiddos from last year (no idea how she remembered when my birthday was!)... the class next door came over and sang to me during indoor recess (and Lawson told them all that I was 25) =)... we had popsicles and watched a movie during math (I found a Magic School Bus video where it was Miss Frizzle's birthday. It was just too perfect.)... and so many, many hugs during the day. 

Corey took us all to Olive Garden last night (where Lawson tried to tip his chair forward... the wheels went flying backwards... he fell out of his chair, hard... and hit his chin on the table on his way down. Good times. He was bruised and a little swollen before they even brought the salad.) Ah... memories. =)

Corey offered to take me to Target, but I assured him that Target with all 3 kids just really isn't that much fun. We drove home... put 3 sleepy little people in bed... and then woke them all up 3 hours later to take them out for donuts. Yep. 11:30 pm... when our little local donut shop opens... we stood in line with sleepy, jammied up kids and met some friends (who drove an hour with their kids!) for some warm peanut butter donuts. It was a little crazy, but all 3 went straight back to bed as soon as we got home and slept until 9:00. And Kyle offered to stand on a chair in the donut shop and sing to me, but since I'm pretty sure he actually would have done it... I said no. =)

Hoping to get lots of things accomplished this weekend... including celebrating our Savior. Easter is my favorite holiday. But first... we really need to do some serious cleaning up around the house. Pretty sure it looks like a family of pigs lives here. 


The Boccias said...

That all sounds pretty great, minus the chair incident at dinner! So glad you had a great birthday! I miss getting cards from little kids. I recently came across the cards that my class made when I was about to have Sophie...they said funny things like "I hope your baby is cute." Ha! Happy Easter to you!

Melissa Jensen said...

Happy Happy B*Day to you sweet friend! I admire you in so many ways and I find myself thinking and doing so many things just like you. I pray for you and your family when I think of you. I feel special to be influenced by you and all your amazingness!!! Just made that word up, but I think you are pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

My house looks that way right now, I'm reading blogs to avoid straightening it:)
Mrs. B.

rentz said...

I love the cards! Especially one in particular... ;)

Abby said...

Getting caught up on some blog reading. Happy belated birthday, sounds like a wonderful day!! Any day that includes a DP slushie, Olive Garden and late night donuts would be a winner in my book!