Monday, August 15, 2011


School starts on Wednesday. I'm so not ready. 
Meet Your Teacher Night is tomorrow. Not ready for that, either. 
Every year I think that I won't be stressed... won't be frazzled... and every year I am. 
I don't really love that, but I think that's it's just inevitable. 
There is something every year that causes last minute stress. This year it's my schedule. 
I'm thinking we'll need more than a 10-15 minute recess each day. Right now there is only 1 built in to my schedule. Which was done for me this year. I'm looking for a little mini-trampoline for my room. For real. 

This was my room last week. It looks better than this now, but I still have a lot of work to do tomorrow. Along with minor things like finding time for recess. And planning what we're going to do. And learning how to turn on my SMARTBoard. (and maybe even how to use it!) Just minor things. 

I've brought lots of things home to work on the past few days. I've written names on so many things. I have a whole list saved on my computer of things to write names on. There's a lot. But it's an easy way to learn the names of all my kids!

And it gives me an excuse to pull out all my fun Sharpies. Any job is more fun when you get to use colorful Sharpies...


Jamie said... has a ton of cool interactive activities you can do on your Smartboard!! I teach kindergarten in Herington, and use it everyday!!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

my daughter bought herself a huge pack of sharpies for school this year. I do believe she's addicted!

10-15 min of recess?? and admins wonder why there's such a huge discipline problem.. where's all that energy going to go??

praying that your school year is a smooth one and that your nerves are calmed! :o)

Amanda said...

oh my, I can't believe school is here already. Each year meaning one more year closer to it being OUR turn!

I hope your start goes smoothly! Thinking about you the next few days!

rentz said...

Can't wait to see your classroom tonight! :)

Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

I'm not a teacher and my child is only 3, but I even know that 10-15 minutes per day for 1st graders wouldn't be enough. So, best of luck trying to find time for another recess or "down time." You're a pro at this so I know you'll have it all together by this evening for "Meet Your Teacher" night. Good luck, and happy 1st day of school!

Unknown said...

This site is a life saver for the smartboard :) Use it all of the time!

Lots of luck towards a great school year...We start tomorrow for inservice and Monday with kids!

Jenny said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! I hope you have a great first day & a wonderful year!! =)

Hanni said...

If it makes you feel better....this is how my week looks too BUT our school is out of laminating film and I am the teacher who didn't get anything laminated yet. I am just a "little" stressed!

Dawn said...

I am a teacher too and I just got a smartboard this year too. I can't believe the school year is beginning. =)

Ben said...

I LOVE my smartboard although I was quite scared of it at first. An easy way to start getting used to it is just going to - the kids can play the games on the board. it's so cool! I hope you have a great school year!

Meg B. said...

ummmmm... so I've used a SMARTboard for years, and I teach others to use one on a regular basis and I have a MS in instructional tech. and I live in your town just a few blocks away, if you need help just ask I'd be happy to help you get started, just send me a fb message.

and yes, 1st graders need more recess.

Danielle said...

Your room looked great tonight! And so did you :)