Sunday, May 22, 2011

not so organized.

This my desk on a typical day at school. Actually this is fairly organized for me. It's amazing to me that I can love organization so much and have parts of my life that are so much in order... and then have other areas that look like this. All the time. It's kind of an organized chaos. 

1. My lesson plan book. 
2. My morning coffee. (or my morning cream with coffee) =)
3. The cute polka dot water glass that I drink out of the rest of the day. 
4. A notebook full of notes from when my mentee and I observed another teacher across town. 
5. The reflection pages we filled out as part of the mentor program. (They may or may not have been turned in a couple days late.) 
6. Franklin video (that Sophie and Lawson watched after school one day.) 
7. My id badge/key
8. A book that needs returned to another teacher. 
9. A super cute (and detailed) ceramic box that my mother-in-law made me when I first started teaching. 
10. Math assessment notebook. 
11. Funny glasses that Lawson got from somewhere. 
12. Hand sanitizer. (that I use all the time)
13. Stories written by my students. 
14. Bracelet that I wore to school that day. 
15. An extra Scholastic News (my class worked on this with the sub while I went to Author's Tea) 
16. Plastic cup full of tongue depressors with my student's names on them. 
17. Another cute polka dot glass (it used to be my daily Diet DP glass. Now it only gets used occasionally.)
18. A Spongebob glasses case that belongs to either Fernando or Misael. I'm not sure which. The other case is buried in here somewhere, too. 
19. Books about US symbols (because I rememebered a couple weeks ago that I was supposed to teach my students about them.) 
20. The three cutest kids around. 
21. Random number assessment (that needs to be put away in my assessment kit) 
22. Read aloud books to teach about the author's purpose/lesson. A hard concept for 1st graders! (but one that is assessed.) 
23. Part of our new math curriculum (no comment.) 
24. Math papers that need graded and/or recycled. (I think I recycled them) 
25. A note from 2 years ago: Mrs. Jones she is my faborite techer. 
26. Phone. (That I have to check every time someone asks me what my room number is. I still can't remember. I was in 144 for 10 years, and 191 is just hard to remember.) 

In 3 more days, though, the top of my desk will be empty. (pretty much)
So, so excited for that day!! =) 


Holly said...

this time of year I so wish I was a teacher! However I do still get a lot of time off during the summer and I only work four days a week so I guess I cant complain, eh?!

The Boccias said...

We should get together this summer since we didn't get to over Spring Break. :) This post kind of makes me miss teaching just a tiny bit. My desk would have looked very similar. :)

Danielle said...

I'm gonna miss that desk! :)

Cheryl said...

My desk looked just like that when I was a teacher . . . no matter how hard I tried to keep it clean. They just need to give you a larger desk. :) How exciting for you that you are almost finished with school. Do you cry like I used to when the kids leave, though? That was so sad to see "my babies" leave.

Toni :O) said...

How was like a Search and Find Book! Too cute! Enjoy your last week of school before break. I finally found a new job and start Wednesday. My kids are done with school in about three weeks. I'll miss being around them for summer but this girl has been unemployed long enough (3 months)-back to reality!

amy said...

I love Way Down Deep In the Deep Blue Sea by Jan Peck!!!! So cute. Swim away. :)