Tuesday, November 30, 2010


One of my girls had been asking me to read her story she wrote yesterday during writing.
She brought it to me today during indoor recess.
Guess how much this made me smile?

Mrs. Jones is my best techer efer.
I bet her kids are to.
I bet her hspind is osum.
she has very nis clos and shoos.

Just one of the many reasons I love first grade.
They love their teacher... and aren't afraid to tell you.


Kristin said...

osum! I love it :)

Hanni said...

Absolutely and she is right!!!!! That is why I love preschool too. I have joked with my paras that I teach preschool because they boost my self esteem!

Cheryl said...


Amy said...

I don't know how she knew this, but my husband is awesome.

Toni :O) said...

That is so incredibly sweet!!! Love it! My daughter was the same way in first grade and it's bleeding into second grade which is awesome. Her teacher is one of the best that's for sure...great teachers are such blessings...congratulations on being one of them! :O)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

What? No mention of your awesome neckliss?!

That is adorable.

Amy said...

My husband is awesome... and he has figured out how to log into my blogger account. :)

Melissa said...

Sarah subbed in first grade yesterday and was saying how much she loves that age. She said they are still sweet!

Aaron and Shannon said...

Funny how I could read that with no hesitation at all!! :) You are an awesome teacher!